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Thank you for purchasing Mountaincow software. Please follow the steps below to request an activation key.

1. Enter your contact information. We will email your activation key to the address you specify here. Your email address will be attached to your serial number to identify your account. Your email will not be sold or given to third parties. We need your phone number so that we can reach you if you are not receiving our emails. For additional information please see our Privacy Policy.

Note:  Please make sure your service provider's spam filter allows email from If you do not receive your activation email it has probably been blocked by a spam filter and you should check your bulk mail folder.


2. Enter your serial number. Please do not add any spaces to your serial number. You will find your serial number on the inside of your software case. It will look something like PP123456CD7 or EX123456CD7.

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3. Professional software customers only, please enter your Computer ID. In order to ensure your computer ID is correct, please exit and restart PrintingPress Pro Extreme/Invitation Architect. Then click on either the Activate Now or Enter Key button and copy and paste the computer ID from the window where it is displayed. Your computer ID will look something like 85D4-CBF1.

  Comp ID

4. Confirm that you are not a bot.

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Click the Submit button once to complete your activation request. An activation key will be sent to your email address within one business day.

Important:  If our form does not work with your browser, email all the information above to and we will send your activation key within one business day.


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